At Steel Metalworks we follow all project management principles for all contracts awarded. With four in-house experienced Project Managers our clients can rest assured they will not be let down.

Project Management


We Follow all aspects of the project life cycle:
Initiation - We identify all client requirements by carrying out a survey on the location. This way we can provide accurate pricing and assign the correct work force.

Planning - Project milestones are identified, risk assesments and method statements are developed.

Execution - This is the stage in which the client requirements must be met on time and within budget.

Closure - The client has accepted the final product, the project is complete and ready for closure.

For every single contract we enter, our approach will deliver substantial benefits to your project:
Reduction in cost - resulting from one negotiation and one management team
We do not subcontract - This reduces the likleyhood of error.
In-house Fabricators - again reduces the likelyhood of error and mis-communication.