Hi-build Zinc Phosphate Primer

High build Zinc Phosphate Metal Primer is a non-toxic high performance primer based on anti-corrosive zinc phosphate pigment in a special medium.

Suitable for use on manually / blast cleaned iron and steel substrates. An excellent anti-corrosive primer which is lead and chromate free.

This primer finish is applied to the product by a paint spray system giving a smooth and professional looking finish.

Primer however is not to be used as a finished top coat and any item asked for in primer would need to be covered with at least two coats of a specialist steel topcoat paint suitable for the internal or external conditions that the product will be subject too. It is recommended that the product should be top coated as soon as possible after delivery or installation on site.

Primer is only avalable in four colours Black, Grey, Red or White

Hot-dip Galvanising

Galvanising is the process of applying zinc to mild steel to provide it with a strong and protective coating that lasts for up to 100 years. This finish is applied by immersing the product in molten zinc at a temperature of 450ºC until they reach the same high temperature as the zinc. The products are then gradually withdrawn to allow excess zinc to drain off. The coated products are then quenched or air cooled depending on client requirements.

The end finish is resilient to aggressive handling, which, over the last 150 years, has been solidly proven to provide a long-lasting, tough and low-maintenance coating. Importantly, galvanised coatings are also recyclable, giving the steel an almost continuous life span.

The quality processes, highly trained technical operatives and advanced production facilities that our supplier uses ensure our clients benefit from the highest quality and most reliable galvanised finishes, which complies with the latest galvanising standard BSENISO 1461 insuring you get a good quality finish every time.

Polyester Powder Coating

The powder coating process centres on the application of colour to metal using an electrostatic spray. The metal is then oven cured to form a coating in any one of a wide range of colours and gloss levels.

Although powder coating will not protect against corrosion when applied to ungalvanised exterior steelwork, it will do so on galvanised steel, where the integrity of the final powder coated finish can be guaranteed for as long as 25 years.

When applied to a galvanised substrate, powder coating provides a long lasting, low-maintenance and colourful finish ideal for architectural metalwork, fencing, gates, street furniture and other mild steel products. Today's powder coating technologies also open up a vast potential for exciting and diverse effects, from metallic finishes to colours in varying gloss levels.