At Steel Metalworks we pride ourselves on seeing a job through to the end, once we have completed the install we then deal with any problems that may arise giving the customer 100% satisfaction.

Our approach is based on building long-term relationships with clients and to ensure that our solutions exceed their expectations. We believe that perfection also requires on-going support. In a performance oriented company such as Steel Metalworks after sales service is one of the keys to achieving complete customer satisfaction.

From the start of production to up to years after the end of production our in house specialists are on hand to help you our valued client, to ensure the seamless processing of any issues that might arise. In this way our customers receive the highest safeguards against the possible unforseen problems that might occur.

Correctness, partnership and fairness are our strengths displayed in Customer Service, for the security of our customers.

For any after sales service or general questions always feel free to phone us, and you will be directed to somone who will be able to help solve any issues you may be facing. This is designed to ensure that you our valued client continues to enjoy a quality experience in all their dealings with us.